Build cross-platform apps that rock! With Java and Kotlin.

MobileUI is the first Java-based native UI framework for iOS and Android. Get responsive UIs, fast native code, full native API access and the tooling you love.

MobileUI uses Android’s layout system to arrange platform-native widgets on the screen. That’s right! We have ported Android Layouts to iOS. And it runs blazing fast!

Profit from a "write once run anywhere" solution — without making compromises regarding performance or user experience.

Build your apps with Java and Kotlin, reusing your favorite libraries, tools and techniques. Through ahead-of-time compilation, MobileUI apps run with bare metal performance. Your customers will love it.

You are in full control: All native Android and iOS APIs are accessible through Java. Extend your app with platform-specific code without switching languages or tools.

Tool Suite for Android Studio

The MobileUI Plugin for Android Studio brings cross-platform development to your favorite IDE. Create, build and debug your apps on Android and iOS.

With the Live Preview, you see changes to your layouts in real-time. Push your productivity to the max with development cycles in milliseconds.

Made with MobileUI

MobileUI Gallery

Cross-platform showcase and reference for MobileUI widgets, layouts and components

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Cross-platform UI-System

MobileUI Android Studio Plugin

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Get all features and full productivity for your commercial apps.

Everything from Starter

Cross-platform Plugin System

Commercial Plugin Collection

Dependency Injection based on Micronaut Inject

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Get all features and the full support package for your dev-team.

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